How to grow your Perfume oil business

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Perfume Oil 101

  • Perfume Oil 101

The mathematics of Perfume oil
The mathematics of Perfume oil is broken down to the point that even a lay man can pick up this book and understand clearly what Perfume oil business is all about. Perfume oil business is a business of numbers. It is not rocket science, you need to know it to grow it.

Brand Awareness
Brand personality is a set of characteristics attributed to a brand in the eyes of the customer. This is what makes your business human and relatable e.g tone of your voice, visuals etc

Cost Effective Techniques
The goal of every business is to minimize cost and maximize profit. In this video, we will give you examples of how to cut cost as a growing business

Reach Expansion
Your product and services will not sell itself. You need to reach more people for them to know you exist.

Brand reliability and trust building
Get your structure in place to make sure you fulfill your brand promises. All what your brand promises to offer, That's the way to gain clients' trust

Brand Positioning
This course will open you up to what needs to be done and also to understand what strategies you need to apply while growing your business. It will help you understand the difference between brand strategy and content strategy in-depth and how it works together to give u the key to business growth. BRAND STRATEGY = The Plan to Achieve Big Idea. CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY = The Tool to Execute the Plan to Achieve the Big Idea.

How to make EDPs and EDTs

How To Refill Perfume Oils Cannister To Refill Bottles

Alcohol Based Perfume vs Oil Based Perfume

How To Refill Perfume Oils To Smaller Cannisters

How To Make Solid Perfumes

How To Color Perfume Oil and Perfumes

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